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Envisioned Strings is a string performance group that pushes the boundaries and blurs the lines of music. From classical melodies to the hard-hitting techniques and swells of modern rock and hip-hop, a stringed instrument has the ability to do it all. Founded by violinist Stephanie Sims Flack, Envisioned Strings has taken the DC Metro Area by storm. Comprised of professional musicians from the DC Metro Area, West Virginia, Alaska, Michigan, and more, Envisioned Strings and inNOVAtion String Quartet provide artistry and delightful music to any event. Whether through concerts and showcases, or through individual contracts, Envisioned Strings brings the joy of music to all who hear it.

“What an EVENT—honestly, our whole family couldn’t stop talking about the genius of it all. I’m not a musician so I can’t fully grasp how complicated/complex such pieces would be to do. However, I know when my heart and mind are invigorated—both definitely were. It’s as if music is a language unto itself. I especially loved that ‘rap’ piece. I could hear the instruments talking! Fabulous. Each portion was so captivating and opened my mind up in a new way. My husband said that he was struck by how in shape you would have to be to do what the Dueling Fiddlers did—I mean, seriously, it’s like an Olympic sporting event when you consider the precision, stamina, and concentration needed. I wonder how many calories one burns? LOL. Thank you seems too small to say!”

-Judy Steury

“I loved every single piece/song that I heard last night. Absolutely amazing concert! To those of you who couldn’t make it, you missed out! But hopefully this one was just the first of more to come. Fantastic!!!”

-Irene Abdou

Video Credit to SPF Productions


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